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Smith Gospel Music Can Help You with:

  • Internet Radio Shows
  • Production
  • Radio Shows
  • Songwriting Consultation
  • Studio Recordings

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Music is an International Language

SGM THEY THAT WAIT Gospel Music to Touch Your Heart and Soul!

After many years of love and dedication towards God, people and country, Smith Gospel Music’s founder/owner extends these traits and more through the power of music. There are many gospel songs to listen to and purchase. We offer songwriting consultation, recording and production services, so that you can have your own powerful songs heard. Spread the joy of gospel to many who take great pleasure in listening to these wonderful songs.

With Music We Reach Many Souls

Inspiring Songs for Everyone!

Often enough in life we all tend to come to a moment where we simply need that little “oomph” to boost our spirits and energize our minds and soul. That is why Smith Gospel Music is dedicated to providing quality gospel music for your listening pleasure and is there to help you achieve the milestone of recording and producing your very own gospel music!

Everybody Loves Music

Reach Out to Us and We’ll Help You!

Millions of people enjoy music. In fact, there are a very limited few that don’t enjoy rhythm and harmonious tunes. At Smith Gospel Music, we combine excellent instrumentals in sync with glorious words to inspire, warm the heart, encourage and please many people! Have you ever found yourself humming along to music that happens to be in a foreign language, yet you love the rhythm and sound? It is with no coincidence that the old proverb dictates: music is the international language. With amazing rhythm, we combine even more amazing words
that spread the gospel by any means possible! Call us today to learn more and
receive kind and courteous service and information.