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Some of Our Clients and Independent Releases Are:

  • Bibleway
  • Friends of Christ
  • Full Gospel Ensemble
  • Jason Hanna
  • Kellie Lovejoy
  • Lorraine Stancil
  • Mietta Stancil
  • Tyrone Powell

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Mellow Music Soothes Hearts!

Gospel Music Provides Motivation

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We Provide Loving Inspiration in Woodbridge, VA!

If you’re ever feeling down and low, put on the great and inspirational gospel songs and turn up the volume. It will mellow you and soothe your heart. Fill your soul with positivity and motivation. Smith Gospel Music works hard to bring loving music and spread the joy of the gospel to all of Woodbridge, VA and beyond!  

Smith Gospel Music Can Help You with:

  • Internet Radio Shows
  • Production

  • Radio Shows
  • Songwriting Consultation

  • Studio Recordings

Beautiful Music at Affordable Prices!

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Smith Gospel Music is equipped with all the necessary techniques and equipment needed to record pristine and clear sound quality music. Whether you choose to have your special words sung with the rhythms of Jazz, R&B or even Country themed tunes, we are able to tweak everything to perfection and leave you overjoyed with the results! If you are looking to purchase some of our catchy gospel music, by all means, we invite to check back soon for your for your favorite gospel songs. Our music is beautiful to listen to and is also delightfully affordable! Contact us for more information.