The Healing Project

Living Springs Cfc Choir

Contemporary gospel traditional smooth jazz

To whom much is given much is required, from an early age Jacquie understood this scripture, and it was easy for her to share the gifts God lent her because she loves music. LIVING SPRINGS CFC CHOIR is a testimony to Jacquie & Oliver Myers,dynamic duo, music debut. With the combined talents of songwriter, arranger, vocalist, musician, workshop clinician, choir director, and former Minister of Music, Jacquie is quickly becoming one of the areas most respected and accomplished musician.

Jacquie Myers has been a powerful force in continuing the tradition of gospel music for more than 20 years, conducting Gospel and Praise Workshops, and singing all over the Washington metro area, supporting or opening for such artists as Donald Lawrence, John P Kee, James Bignon, and last year was blessed to be a part of the Mcklurkin CD project. Jacquie has ministered Internationally and in the US, and has had her music presented at the 1998 Gospel Music Workshop of America as well as featured on CD Projects.

She was born in Jamaica, grew up in Brooklyn, NY where, she constantly immersed herself in music. Jacquie loved music so much se began to teach herself to play on the church piano until the church pianist noticed her desire to learn and took her under her wing. Soon Jacquie took over as the musician for the youth choir, during which time she Auditioned and was accepted to the famed High School of Music and Art in NY, there she flourished as a songwriter and began composing, recording and playing her songs for local gospel bands and groups.

After graduation Jacquie left home and joined the U.S. Marines, during the rigorous boot camp Jacquie found relief when she went to church on Sundays and eventually became the director for the Sunday choir at the recruit chapel, during her military career she was the minister of music for and directing various military chapel music programs and choirs.

After leaving the Marines Mrs. Myers returned home to Jamaica where she became a professional musician and studio vocalist, traveling around the world with various bands and groups. Upon returning to the United States Jacquie utilized all of her musical skills for use in God's house enabling God's people to bless him in song. Jacquie became the Choir director for the women's choir at First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dumfries VA, at which time she lent her musical skills as a clinician and percussionist in the Women of Gospel Music Workshop for 3 years working with such artists at Albertina Walker, the workshop now draws artist like Tremain Hawkins, and Richard Smallwood and boasts a choir of 300+ women. In 2004 Jacquie Along with her Husband Oliver Myers released their first Worship CD entitled "The Healing Project" with the Living Springs Community Choir" of Living Springs Christian Fellowship, Bowie MD USA, where the Rev E Young is the pastor.

Jacquie currently sings with the Patrick Lundy and The Ministers of Music a two time Stellar award winning gospel group. Jacquie also sings Jazz locally and writes for various groups and artists in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Jacquie is currently working on her solo project "Consider the Lilies" due out in Summer of 2006, and finishing a Bachelors degree in Music Technology, she currently holds a bachelors degree in business/IT, and will enter graduate school for a Masters in Music in the Spring of 2006.

Jacquie has shared her gifts as minister of music for the Ft Belvoir Gospel Service, Andrews air force base gospel service Md, and Ft Meade Gospel service MD. Jacquie is currently blessed to share her talents as musician with St John Baptist church in Columbia.

Jacquie has a degree from the Washington College in Music Education, BA in Business/IT, a BA in Music Technology from Bowie State University, and a BA degree from the Lord Jesus (Born Again Degree), she is currently attending Graduate school at Bowie state Majoring in Pastoral counseling with a minor in Music. She is a child of God, mother of two, and wife to Dr. Oliver Myers, Phd.

Jacquie is well known for her love of the lord, and the new millennium (Year 2000) brought yet another blessings as she blessed to be a part of the Stellar Award Nominated Community choir the Ministers of Music, and to have her songs played on local radio and TV, with DJ Billy Dee and is pressing toward the end of her first project entitled "think about Jesus", the title track recently recorded by Living Springs Christian Fellowship Community Choir".

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